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1st Virtual Rubber Expo & Conference

Visit us on February 24-25 at the 1st Virtual Rubber Expo & Conference!

We look forward to introducing you to our products and latest developments at this virtual event. Visit our booth from your current location and let us use the fair to exchange ideas and at least have a virtual reunion.

The entrance is free of charge. Register today:

Lines for the manufacturing of rubber seals

Many people do not know that various rubber parts are responsible for the decades-long function of a building. In addition to rubber seals for facade, window and door seals, joint sealing tapes and profiles fulfil important tasks for compensating for expansion and movement and for sealing against water ingress.

These seals, mostly made of EPDM and SBR rubber, are primarily produced on extrusion lines using salt bath technology. Vulcanization largely in the absence of air means that, in addition to the usual sulfur-crosslinked rubber compounds, peroxide-crosslinkable ones can also be vulcanized without difficulty.

Rubicon specializes, among other things, in the technology and manufacture of extrusion lines for this type of rubber seals.

Thanks to the excellent heat transfer from the molten salt to the rubber profile, high production speeds and low energy consumption per production quantity are achieved.

While window and door seals are extruded 4-stream and vulcanized on long salt baths of 20 to 30 m at high speeds of 40 to 100 m/min, for the joint sealing tapes and profiles large vent extruders with salt baths up to 600 mm wide and 15 to 20 m long are used.

These sometimes very heavy, large profiles are vulcanized at speeds between 1 and 10 m/min. Due to the partly rib-shaped profile, the lines are equipped with special salt sprinkling sections that ensure stabilization of the profile geometry without deformation. The salt bath is followed by a washing and cooling section, where the salt-containing wash water is recycled via a filter and evaporator system. In conjunction with exhaust air cleaning systems, a low environmental impact is achieved.

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Continuous vulcanization line for the manufacturing of rubber bands

Rubber bands are used in big scale in industry, agriculture, food, medical, but also for office and home applications.

Due to the high elasticity majority of rubber bands are made of natural rubber and especially in countries with natural rubber plantations.

Still nowadays the Production especially the curing process is batchwise and manual, which requires a significant man power at a comparable low output.

rubicon manufactures high productive and efficient continuous rubber band extrusion lines.

With our high output vacuum extruders and special designed LCM vulcanization lines rubber bands could be made continuously from thickness 0.8 to 5 mm with diameter from 10 to 150 mm. Depending on line configuration we reach capacities from 150 to 650 kg/h. Thanks to an incorporated salt water recycling unit there is no environment pollution due to salty water.

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Línea de extrusión de tubos de silicona grado médico

Queridos clientes y potenciales clientes,

estamos muy contentos de trabajar mano a mano con usted. El establecimiento de una excelente sinergia entre las partes nos ha permitido desarrollar una tecnología adaptada a las necesidades y procesos individuales.  Especialmente en esta época de crisis de COVID 19, en la que la salud juega un roll importante a nivel mundial, queremos presentarles información sobre nuestra línea de extrusión para la fabricación de tubos de silicona de grado médico, especialmente apropiada para la fabricación de catéteres, tubos de drenaje, tubos multi lumen, tubos para circuitos de respiración, entre otros. Nos complace compartir con ustedes información sobre nuestro nuevo proyecto y si están interesados, sería un placer para nosotros organizar un Webinar para presentar información detallada sobre nuestra tecnología.

La línea de extrusión consiste en:

  • rubicon - Extrusora de silicona tipo EEK 45.12 S - 8/70 SIR
  • Cabezal transversal tipo GU 60/45
  • rubicon - Extrusora de silicona tipo EEK 32.12 S - 4/90 SIR
  • Cabezal de co-extrusión G 10/32 BSP
  • Túnel de vulcanización de infrarrojos  V-IRT 28/0,8  (Túnel de choque)
  • Unidad de control de bailarines - sin tacto por el sistema de cámara CCD
  • Cinta transportadora AB 4000
  • Control de línea y panel operativo principal con pantalla táctil
  • Horno de post curado para silicona
  • Dispositivo de corte
  • Dispositivo de marcado
  • Dispositivo de torsión
Tubos de drenaje
Tubos de drenaje
Tubos multi-lúmen
Tubos multi-lúmen
Tubos de silicona para los circuitos respiratorios
Tubos de silicona para los circuitos respiratorios
Cabezal de co-extrusión
Cabezal de co-extrusión